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“...a genre of furniture which makes a purely personal and subjective statement...”

Following our concentration on contemplations of lighting in the last issue, I’d like to now consider how our manifesto relates specifically to concepts of furniture or bespoke focal points within the interior. This is the fourth and final layer of the architectural concept underneath which proposals of spatiality, materiality and lighting have been overlaid and integrated into the architectural palimpsest.

Furniture is used for a variety of purposes within our schemes. It is the last stratum of design which saturates the gap between mere architectural volume to an ergonomic space perfectly suited for its function and inhabitants, and is therefore of great importance.

The first purpose is to reinforce the spatial layout, sometimes the furniture is almost inseparable from the architecture as it is imbedded into the structure, unfolding from within the walls when required. But furniture may also create a flexibility within discrete areas of the spatial layout due to their multifunctional designs; tables may become seats with the use of reversible surfaces or seating layouts may be reconfigured using modular units.

A second purpose is to introduce another layer of materiality. This choice of material may be as permanent as the architectural space it sits within, for example pre-cast concrete, timber or stone. Or it may be a temporary material which contrasts with the more permanent finishes, for example leather, suede or fabric; temporary covers or panels may be swapped in and out to provide variation through the seasons.

The third purpose is to provide an object for the lighting design to describe or be incorporated into. The furniture layout directly informs the lighting scheme so that the various functions of every space are perfectly lit. In addition lighting may be physically integrated into the furniture to create bespoke focal light features.

Finally, and most obviously perhaps, the fourth purpose is to fulfil a function, or combined functions, from the simple to the highly specific or specialized. All of these purposes may combine to create a genre of furniture which makes a purely personal and subjective statement. Furniture which is designed to be bespoke to the space it is within, for the use it is required for, and for the person who has the pleasure of using it. From interior design to architecture, if you have any queries or a project to which you would like Julie to apply her structured, creative thinking, please don't hesitate to contact her on the details below.

Julie Richards Architecture & Design Ltd

Tel: 01636 814624


Made Nov/Dec 2022 (Creating Perfect Spaces)


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