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The business concept of ESCAPADE RETREATS is a carefully selected collection of 10 historic houses, set in a total of approximately 790 acres of land in prime countryside within the temperate climate of the UK, regenerated as luxury exclusive-use rental properties with the subtle incorporation of the materials, facilities and amenities of today for the discerning traveller. A range of additional services specific to each property will be available to tailor each experience individually.

Our business philosophy is that ESCAPADE considers the integrity of the historic building and its setting to be of the utmost importance; that is the original fabric of the building, the history of its occupancy, and its location of beauty and tranquillity. And so it is these elements which will be decisive factors in all aspects of the building’s regeneration, from its original choice through to its completion, and therefore the guiding philosophy of our business.

Our aim is to create a series of spaces with a philosophy of escape; spaces of retreat to enable quiet reflection on the one hand and joyous abandon to fantasy on the other.  The concept is that of regeneration of architectural fragments persevering from a previous era, with the subtle incorporation of today's advances in materials, facilities and amenities. Focusing on the interior, architecture and design. This is to provide a blank canvas for the guest to purely reflect – the simple escapism of retreat, or to embellish with site-specific events and experiences to indulge the senses – the luxurious escapism of abandon.

Our initial approach to save an historic building depends on whether it meets our criteria to pursue it as an escapade i.e. that it is, 
-in some sense significant, architecturally, historically or culturally

-in a location of privacy, beauty and tranquillity

-at risk and without an alternative future

-of sufficient size to accommodate 20+ guests in the main house

-in a region of the country not already populated by an ESCAPADE

". . . Of course scratching the surface brought ever greater issues . . . She coped admirably with all of these things as they arose . . . and managed to incorporate them into her scheme of work without allowing timescale and budget to spiral out of control . . ."

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