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An experiential exploration of the city through movement and time. Narrative is the passing and unravelling of time. It is the temporal unfolding of events or experiences; the structuring of a set of juxtaposed fragments whose propositions and relations are developed only through temporal sequence and progression. Plot is the dynamic design and intention of narrative, giving it a certain direction and intent of meaning.

We perceive public space in the city being experienced as a narrative, as a passing of time, in which our spaces of intervention are frozen moments. The proposition is to define passages punctuated by spatial pauses, set within the grid of the city; to create an architecture using a sequence of spatial phrases of time and movement; a space of narrative.

This relates to the very experience of moving through the city as a landscape to pass through. By the inhabitation of this landscape, the transient space of passage may take on multiple identities, therefore becoming a space of possibility; possibility of displacement from the grid. By incorporating the gaps and cracks back into the grid, they undermine its logic; the grid which disallows the inhabitation of the city in terms of such spaces of possibility.

Our movement constitutes the fabric of the city psychologically as an experience, but we are also aware of the physical experience of the grid. So by creating a more flexible streetscape, these points have more possibility than the street as mere public space. They provide the possibility of reflection on the experience of the city by the layering of my formal geometry into the orthogonal grid, a passage of continuity vs. a system of regulated intervals.

This continuation is trying to create a new geometry which displaces us from the grid to allow for reflection on this displacement. Furthermore, these points offer new possibilities of transit, transforming pedestrian access between major landmarks of the cityscape, subverting the regulated orthogonal movement. 

". . . She is a pleasure to work with and indeed be mentored by, but also fascinating to talk to and discuss ideas with . . ."

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