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Playful Privacy "...a multifunctional armature of spaces which could be reinvented with ease..."

The aim of this project was to create a multifunctional armature of spaces which could be reinvented with ease. The space was designed with the intention of oscillating between the roles of live and work. It is a unique residential space designed with the rapidly changing role of modern living in mind. The boundaries between the public and private areas are simultaneously distinct yet blurred by the spatial layout and choice of materials used for their visual and acoustic properties. The three conditions of spatiality, materiality and luminosity combine to create a valid three-dimensional comment on the architectural concept of modern living.

Vertical partitions are kept to an absolute minimum and, furthermore perform multiple roles in order to preserve the open visual field of space. The partitions used to configure the separate areas are flexible and multifunctional, giving a different sense of spatiality depending on their chosen location, creating more or less barriers between public and private as desired. The public area culminates within a sunken level, further accentuating the demarcation of public vs private, though the horizontal in contrast to the vertical.

Materials are used in such a way as to emphasise the

division between public and private space, taking into account their visual, tactile and luminescent qualities. Public areas incorporate steel, rein, concrete, leather; private areas utilize rubber, stone, gauze, glass. The point at which public and private collide is delineated by a layered glass wall, which with the variable play of light allow the gaze either to penetrate or be refused along its surface.

The play of light reacts with the materiality of the space; creating reflections onto opaque surfaces, refraction through transparent layers and projections onto translucent screens. Natural light can also be invited into the space; entering through tall, sliding glass screens which open onto an outside space merging

interior with exterior.

The furniture creates a sense of fluid multifunctionality within the space; creating different environments depending on their current usage. The furniture set into the sunken level can be manipulated to produce varying seating arrangements; the corner units have versatile lids, manipulated to produce varying seating arrangements; the corner units have versatile lids, timber/leather upholstered, doubling their role into table or chair. The backrests are independent of the bases, so accommodating any new layout. Due to the main table being made up of smaller ones, it can take on many permutations depending on necessity; large meeting square, long dining table, working desk with return.

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