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LONDON History is used as a background onto which mappings, contradictions etc. can be read and understood in regard to its urban context. Through this practice a strong urban connection can be made between the proposal for Bishopsgate Goods Station and the surrounding area.

Dislocated interiors; altering the appearance of a set of objects by removing them from their familiar surroundings, to abandon them. An architectonic frame is derived from extractions of the overlaid mappings of journeys in and around the site throughout the last five centuries.

Unfolding objects and spaces in time; a parallel between the progression of the area and time. A transient quality through the geometrical folding and notations of lost or erased histories. The spatial and programmatic qualities are inferred by these varying histories; the general progression from spaces of containment to extension, and of programs ranging from conventional / static to experimental / mobile.

Framing of the individual object; to arrange an object in such a way as to distort it into a new, bizarre form. The horizontal planes are created from a surface translation between two points on the site body, both having an isolated relationship with certain aspects of the city.

Incongruous juxtaposition; altering the meaning of an object through its positioning within a group. Their location transforms them from one state to another, their meanings become transposed, their associations are transfigured. The materiality of the series of spaces is informed by the present incongruity of phenomenal conditions of the site.

An urban park programmed by theatrical spaces, particularly suited to street theatre and outdoor performance; structured by various phenomena taken directly from the site. A combination of incongruities trying to make a whole but still being distorted, and by framing them, emphasising the distortion. A layering of programs unfolding with time, constantly replacing with new combinations; living theatre. Spaces which imply a presence through their arrangement, function, contents, markings, which is left to the individuals reading.

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