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FRAME THE SKY The aim of this project was to create a flexible arrangement of spaces within a limited area, within which the various roles of city life for a bachelor were able to be played out. This could only be made possible by extending the upper level in order to create a more equal proportion of functions on both levels. The private areas constitute roughly half of the lower level, the other half being a combination of entertaining spaces with an alternative role of private study or guest space. The focal staircase leads to the upper level and roof terrace, primarily for dining and entertaining due to the flexibility of the kitchen installation. 







140 SQ. M.



The upper level of this space is extended across the building to enable full utilization of both levels. By the act of extension, the kitchen is able to be located above, allowing a flexible, open plan living area below. The kitchen may be completely concealed behind full height sliding, hinged doors or exposed for use. This gives the upper level flexibility for use as an entertaining space or kitchen / dining room, with the roof terrace providing an external extension of this space, weather permitting.

The lower level is dominated by the use of pure limestone slabs throughout; the aesthetic is continued by the precast white concrete steps leading to the upper level. The cast glass curved wall rises cleanly from the stone floor creating an interesting juxtaposition of materiality. On the upper level timber and rubber are used side by side with only an edge of steel between. The timber is treated in such a way so as to visually merge with the adjacent external decking. 

The natural light of this space is exploited fully on both levels. Due to its position on the uppermost two floors of this building, and the sweep of windows on the external face of the lower level, light floods through the space. In addition a sliding glass panel in the roof is positioned so as to produce a shaft of light which permeates past the galleried upper level through to the lower. The orientation of the upper level is directed by the wall of sliding glass doors which open onto the roof terrace and a view of the cityscape. 

This multifunctional unit plays many roles. Firstly, as a dividing wall between the living area and study / optional bedroom. Secondly, as a base or foundation for the furniture on either side, i.e. the bespoke sofas use the wall as a backrest. The desk on the other side is actually part of the wall, recessed flush into the surface of the unit and hinged to form a horizontal table, revealing power sockets etc. for use with laptops. Thirdly, the whole wall opens to reveal storage shelving for an audio-visual system and also a pull down bed; the full height doors closing the area off completely for privacy when required.

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