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EXTENDING LINES OF LIGHTThe aim of this project was to create an additional armature of spaces to an original property of the Duchy of Cornwall Estate, within which various residential arrangements may be accommodated. This multifunctional space, incorporating areas for bathing, sleeping, working, living and dining without divisions, may oscillate between private and public use as desired. This was made possible by converting the undeveloped roof volume and extending it in glass, to continue the internal space onto the roof terrace.






140 SQ. M.



The absence of boundaries further permeates the scheme through the use of glass for the extended space; whilst continuing the lines of the revealed existing structure into the extended space, (aligning the main roof space with the external wash house) thereby blurring the boundary between interior and exterior, yet emphasizing the distinction between existing and proposed. 

The existing timber flooring of the lower level is treated in such a way so as to visually merge with the new timber stairwell and upper level, eventually leading onto the roof terrace to create a continuum. The predominant material is glass throughout the upper space, used in a variety of guises; transparent in the horizontal plane to allow light to travel through thereby becoming invisible, opaque in the vertical plane to prevent our penetrating gaze thereby maintaining privacy. 

The natural light of the upper space is captured and enhanced fully by the glass structure. It is further channelled down to the lower level via a light well, which acts as the only visual connection between the two independent levels, granting a glimpse of what lies above. This volume of light is encased with opaque glass at the upper level to preserve acoustic and visual privacy.

Due to the restricted spatial condition, all furniture and fittings were designed bespoke in order to have a seamless impact on the overall scheme. This is achieved by a variety of methods; floating the storage and kitchen cabinets off the floor, using a high gloss finish to all the cabinetry so as to bounce light around the space, and using full height panels to conceal the study area and wall of storage built into the eaves. The leather raised platform provides the focal point and basis for the living/sleeping space.

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