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URBAN HUB The aim of this project was to create a series of three independent office buildings, which had the versatility to be occupied on varying scales due to the tenants requirements; incorporating private areas for working and public/communal areas for entry and circulation, food and drink preparation, and toilets. The entire building had been previously used by one larger company as their headquarters in this prime location within the historic Lacemarket quarter of Nottingham.

CLIENT COMMENTS A conversion of a dated building into three independent units to a modern, smart and clean cut standard that occupiers can use as a canvas to complete to their taste; a personable, friendly service and local too.






300 SQ. M.



In order to create the arrangement of nine independent yet equivalent spaces for smaller businesses to operate from, firstly the divisions between the three premises were reinstated and secondly any extraneous divisions and fittings throughout the three floors were systematically removed. This provided an entrance foyer and office space on the ground floor, a communal kitchen and office space on the first floor, and a communal bathroom and office space on the second floor of each unit.

A sense of uniformity was desired in this project, this was achieved through the consistent use of carpeting throughout the nine offices and communal areas, and the same fittings in all three kitchens and bathrooms. Variations in the layout of the kitchens and bathrooms introduced a slight sense of individuality between the units. This restricted palette maintained a visual continuity. 

Natural light permeates fully into this building due to the myriad windows on the external façade and roof lights to the internal stairwells. The daylight within the communal areas was exploited further by the use of glass and mirrored walls, particularly in the circulation stairwells and bathrooms, thereby giving an enlarged impression of these spaces.

The kitchen areas were introduced on the first floor of each unit; comprising a storage cabinet, sink, bin and fridge. All fittings were installed below the worktop and were fully integrated with the gloss white cabinetry in order to maintain minimal visual impact. The individual offices were purposefully left as blank canvasses for the tenants to personalise.

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